Pressure Washing Your House: When to Do-It-Yourself and When to Contact the Professionals

You may have noticed debris, grime, dust and dirt on the sides and corners of your home, walkways, fences and pavers. These are some of the causes of the rainstorms and hurricane which have visited certain places. Pressure washing services will get rid all of the grime and dirt however, it is still a major task to do.

When to DIY

The truth is that grime and dirt accumulation happen and you should pressure wash your house regularly in order to protect your outdoors from damage. You may also decide to wash down the pool deck and patio with a bucket or hose and stiff scrub brush. This is just a smaller task compared to washing down your entire house but it still consumes much of your time.

In addition to that, you may also want to rent a machine for pressure washing, attach the hose and then, wash down the walkways, driveway, roof and even the fence. Regardless of the surface, you may see that smaller portions where grime and dirt build up are too easy to handle by yourself.

When to Call the Professionals

A professional and expert pressure washing service provider will cover the following areas:

  • House, gutters, soffits
  • Roofs
  • Fencing
  • Pool decks
  • Steps
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Patios

The entire exterior of your house will be professionally pressure washed with emphasis on all difficult and harder to reach surfaces. This may include the corners of the buildings and stairs. Dirt and grime usually collect in the backs and corners of outdoor stairways and steps. A professional pressure should also use a non-toxic cleaning solution which breaks up and dissolves dirt and grime.

The upper stories of the exterior of your home are usually areas that are hard to reach. This may include the sections under your roofing where mold and dirt are collected. The pool deck and patio may also need professional pressure washing as well as the walkways and driveways. The fence or the shady part of your house is likely to have fungus and possibly mold growth. Aside from that, algae may also thrive in brighter areas of the building such as walkways or fences.

Protect the portions that needs cleaning by regulating the pressure to suit the area’s fragility. A professional pressure washer understands how to use the nozzle for the right pressure. Professional pressure washing tools are of higher quality compared to rental options therefore, it does a more comprehensive performance than smaller hand-held tools available.

Cleaning Your Roof is Best Done by the Professionals

Having a professional pressure washer clean your tile roof or shingle with a non-pressure unit is very important because they need special care to avoid damage. Shingles should be washed with care using a non-corrosive and non-toxic cleaning agent which will not harm the underlayment or the roof surface. A non-pressure cleaning agent is the best way to keep your roof safe from any damaging. Too much pressure can definitely harm your asphalt shingles since the surface granules will be washed away.


Are Shingle and Tile Roofing Cleaned the Same Way?

Extending the longevity of your home roofing definitely includes pressure washing jobs. Getting rid of harmful grime and dirt build up is not only to make your roofing look clean or good but it can actually keep the tiles from wearing down. Different roof cleaning washes and methods are very important for shingle or tile roofing. As a matter of fact, the type of cleaning solutions or agents used depend on the composition of your shingle or tile roofs. All roofing benefit from non-pressure chemical roof cleaning solutions.

How to Clean Shingle Roofing?

Asphalt and bitumen shingles have a sandy and textured finish. This is basically designed to keep the life of your shingle last long. The shingles come in various colors and styles. However, still they all need cleaning in order to get rid of algae, mold, and moss growth, as well as dirt and grime build up. Some homes are more susceptible to mold and algae growth because of the humid condition.

Algae and moss can consume the surface of your shingles and result to wood rot and fungal growth in the roof support. Regular cleaning is very important if your roofing has shady spots since algae and moss will thrive faster there.

Furthermore, shingles should be thoroughly pressure washed with a non-corrosive and non-toxic cleaning solution which will not damage the underlayment and surface of your roof. Using a non-pressure chemical cleaning solution is actually the safest method to clean your roof and also, ensure no damage will be done. Too much pressure can also harm your asphalt shingles by wiping off the surface granules of your roof.

How to Clean Tile Roofing?

There a lot of types of tiles used worldwide. Red ceramic tiles are one of the most commonly used tiles. Actually, tiles are stronger but more porous compared to asphalt shingles and more prone breaks and cracks if pressure being applied to it is too much. Pressure washing the tile roofing will cause cracks on the grout which holds the ridge covers on and force the water to penetrate beneath the tile as well.

Same as with the cleaning of the shingle roof, non-pressure chemical tile roofing cleaning solution will eliminate and get rid all mildew and mold present on the tile roofing without affecting or damaging the roof’s integrity.

On the other hand, clay tiles are more porous of the three. The combination of clay and sand produces tiles which are great insulators. This roofing holds in the cooled air. Roof tiles made of clay usually have a sealant in order to protect against mold and algae growth.

Slate roof is also one of the types of roofing which also requires gentle wash to avoid delamination of the tiles. Slate roofing that is thoroughly cleaned can actually last for about more than fifty years.

Professional Service

If you’re wondering if shingle and tile roofing are cleaned similarly, you should better consider having a professional and expert service clean your roofing with the safety equipment and right tools.


Reasons Why Roof Cleaning Matters

Your roofing requires to be cleaned regularly to maintain it in good shape since it is your home’s first line of defense against outdoor elements. A good professional pressure wash on your roof will definitely protect your roof from leaks and any other roofing issues.


Cleaning of your roof preserves the shingles or tiles as well as allows you to save money. You do not have to replace your roofing if it is already free of algae, mold, lichens, moss and debris. Even tile which is a porous material can build up moss and mold in a humid climate.

You might not know that your roofing requires cleaning until you notice unpleasant green moss or algae clinging on your tiles or shingles. As a matter of fact, moss and algae need sunlight. On the other hand, fungus and mold can grow under the roofing system where your walls meet the roof material and also, along the roofline. This is a shady, darker and damp place where wood fungus and mold used to thrive.

Prevent Infestations

Algae and mold can easily spread into the attic portion of your house and cause issues with your HVAC unit. They can also cause wood rot of your roof’s support system.

You may also attract unwanted visitors such as insects, rodents and even pests which come in through small holes in your roofing from worn down shingles. Fallen leaves, dirt, twigs, dust and any other debris can accumulate on your roof and attract crawling and flying insects as well.

Sun Reflection

A roofing system covered with algae as well as rotten shingles will not reflect the sunlight. Homes situated in warmer areas needs to reflect the sunlight in order to keep the home and the attic cooler.

Homes or buildings with flat roofing mostly reflect sun. Standing water on flat roofing can result to the buildup of mold, algae, moss and some other unwanted organisms.

Curb Appeal

A good-looking house may appear shabby with a mossy and dirty roofing. A clean, well-maintained roof is very important for an amazing curb appeal if you are planning to sell your house in the near future. It tells the potential clients that you have well-maintained your roofing system.

Homeowners Insurance

Your chosen insurance company wants to see if your roofing is clean and in good shape. A clean roofing with good condition can withstand better against heavy rains and high winds.

Roof Washing

Algae, mold and mildew can thrive on roofs in places with humid climate. A high-pressure wash can damage the tiles and shingles so it shouldn’t be applied on those kinds of roofing systems. While a non-pressure spray with a cleaning agent made for roof materials should be applied to get rid of the grime and dirt from the shingle and tile roofing. This is not a DIY project since special tools are required for a safe and secured access to all portions of your roof. A special spray is applied with soft washing method to spread the cleaning agent all over the surface of your roof.