Are Shingle and Tile Roofing Cleaned the Same Way?

Extending the longevity of your home roofing definitely includes pressure washing jobs. Getting rid of harmful grime and dirt build up is not only to make your roofing look clean or good but it can actually keep the tiles from wearing down. Different roof cleaning washes and methods are very important for shingle or tile roofing. As a matter of fact, the type of cleaning solutions or agents used depend on the composition of your shingle or tile roofs. All roofing benefit from non-pressure chemical roof cleaning solutions.

How to Clean Shingle Roofing?

Asphalt and bitumen shingles have a sandy and textured finish. This is basically designed to keep the life of your shingle last long. The shingles come in various colors and styles. However, still they all need cleaning in order to get rid of algae, mold, and moss growth, as well as dirt and grime build up. Some homes are more susceptible to mold and algae growth because of the humid condition.

Algae and moss can consume the surface of your shingles and result to wood rot and fungal growth in the roof support. Regular cleaning is very important if your roofing has shady spots since algae and moss will thrive faster there.

Furthermore, shingles should be thoroughly pressure washed with a non-corrosive and non-toxic cleaning solution which will not damage the underlayment and surface of your roof. Using a non-pressure chemical cleaning solution is actually the safest method to clean your roof and also, ensure no damage will be done. Too much pressure can also harm your asphalt shingles by wiping off the surface granules of your roof.

How to Clean Tile Roofing?

There a lot of types of tiles used worldwide. Red ceramic tiles are one of the most commonly used tiles. Actually, tiles are stronger but more porous compared to asphalt shingles and more prone breaks and cracks if pressure being applied to it is too much. Pressure washing the tile roofing will cause cracks on the grout which holds the ridge covers on and force the water to penetrate beneath the tile as well.

Same as with the cleaning of the shingle roof, non-pressure chemical tile roofing cleaning solution will eliminate and get rid all mildew and mold present on the tile roofing without affecting or damaging the roof’s integrity.

On the other hand, clay tiles are more porous of the three. The combination of clay and sand produces tiles which are great insulators. This roofing holds in the cooled air. Roof tiles made of clay usually have a sealant in order to protect against mold and algae growth.

Slate roof is also one of the types of roofing which also requires gentle wash to avoid delamination of the tiles. Slate roofing that is thoroughly cleaned can actually last for about more than fifty years.

Professional Service

If you’re wondering if shingle and tile roofing are cleaned similarly, you should better consider having a professional and expert service clean your roofing with the safety equipment and right tools.

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