Pressure Washing Your House: When to Do-It-Yourself and When to Contact the Professionals

You may have noticed debris, grime, dust and dirt on the sides and corners of your home, walkways, fences and pavers. These are some of the causes of the rainstorms and hurricane which have visited certain places. Pressure washing services will get rid all of the grime and dirt however, it is still a major task to do.

When to DIY

The truth is that grime and dirt accumulation happen and you should pressure wash your house regularly in order to protect your outdoors from damage. You may also decide to wash down the pool deck and patio with a bucket or hose and stiff scrub brush. This is just a smaller task compared to washing down your entire house but it still consumes much of your time.

In addition to that, you may also want to rent a machine for pressure washing, attach the hose and then, wash down the walkways, driveway, roof and even the fence. Regardless of the surface, you may see that smaller portions where grime and dirt build up are too easy to handle by yourself.

When to Call the Professionals

A professional and expert pressure washing service provider will cover the following areas:

  • House, gutters, soffits
  • Roofs
  • Fencing
  • Pool decks
  • Steps
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Patios

The entire exterior of your house will be professionally pressure washed with emphasis on all difficult and harder to reach surfaces. This may include the corners of the buildings and stairs. Dirt and grime usually collect in the backs and corners of outdoor stairways and steps. A professional pressure should also use a non-toxic cleaning solution which breaks up and dissolves dirt and grime.

The upper stories of the exterior of your home are usually areas that are hard to reach. This may include the sections under your roofing where mold and dirt are collected. The pool deck and patio may also need professional pressure washing as well as the walkways and driveways. The fence or the shady part of your house is likely to have fungus and possibly mold growth. Aside from that, algae may also thrive in brighter areas of the building such as walkways or fences.

Protect the portions that needs cleaning by regulating the pressure to suit the area’s fragility. A professional pressure washer understands how to use the nozzle for the right pressure. Professional pressure washing tools are of higher quality compared to rental options therefore, it does a more comprehensive performance than smaller hand-held tools available.

Cleaning Your Roof is Best Done by the Professionals

Having a professional pressure washer clean your tile roof or shingle with a non-pressure unit is very important because they need special care to avoid damage. Shingles should be washed with care using a non-corrosive and non-toxic cleaning agent which will not harm the underlayment or the roof surface. A non-pressure cleaning agent is the best way to keep your roof safe from any damaging. Too much pressure can definitely harm your asphalt shingles since the surface granules will be washed away.

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