Why you should Consider Home Addition 

It is easy to be overwhelmed if you are considering home addition since there are plenty of various types of home additions, such as basement underpinning, rear extension, storey addition and so much more. The initial question you must ponder about is whether you really need additional space. The experts have reduced it down to some of the most typical reasons why homeowners usually get a home addition project. Moreover, the experts can recommend the greatest kind of extension that you need based on your needs. Here are the common reasons for homeowners: 


An extra bedroom for their newborn baby 

Normally, the arrival of a newborn baby usually pushes homeowners to get a home extension, especially if their house is already full.  This is the leading reason for extending homes. Fortunately, having a newborn does not mean that you need to build a new home. Once your house already has a garage and a second floor, you can just consider having a room addition on top of your garage. 

Think about having a second storey extension if your house only has one storey. It could be a costly and large renovating project. However, your home’s square footage will be doubled. This means that this could increase your home value with this and it enables you to stay within your home for a long time. 

Your children are already growing up 

Once your kids grow, they become teenagers who need privacy and space just like us. The easiest solution for this would be to finish your basement. This enables you to have an extra living area or you can also have an extra bedroom ideal for teens, which is far from the rest of your home. Moreover, a storey extension is a reasonable option for the similar reasons stated above. Bid farewell to sharing the bathroom with your guests and teenagers. 

Moving in of your aging parents 

We will come to a point of time when our aging parents will be needing our help. You might require an additional room to do this. In this situation, the conversion of a basement apartment would be a viable thing to consider. You can include a separate entrance that enables separation and privacy. Moreover, you can add additional value to your home after doing this if you are planning to market your house eventually.  

Additional space to stay in the city 

Usually, triplexes and duplexes are constructed long and narrow with closed and small rooms in urban centers. Rather than renovating every unit, you can actually transform your house into a single-family building. This kind of conversion is a huge task to do that the entire space is usually not suitable to be used all throughout the renovating process. 

Those are only some of the most common reasons why you need to consider having home additions in Toronto. If you want to do this to your home, check out our other services that can help you extend your home into a wider and better one. 


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